SNow removal


The Association is responsible for clearing snow accumulation from the Cluster's private roads (Indian Ridge Road and Hunters Green Court) and retains a snow removal contractor for this purpose. The contractor will come to service the roads automatically whenever the accumulation reaches three inches. However, they may be called in for lesser amounts or for other purposes by the HGCA Board if they determine conditions warrant it. For example, the contractor may be called in to spread sand or ice-control chemicals during prolonged icy periods. Members and residents should refer questions and comments to the HGCA Board.

Homeowners are encouraged to remove any snow from the sidewalk in front of their home as soon as possible after snowfall. However, homeowners should refrain from using de-icing salts such as calcium or sodium chloride, ammonium sulfate, or ammonium nitrate. These can cause chemical damage, resulting in scaling or spalling of concrete surfaces such as the sidewalks. Instead, consider using sand or kitty litter to gain traction during snowy weather.

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