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Hunters Green Cluster Association utilizes to connect with neighbors online.  The boundaries are set so only those with a physical address in our neighborhood can join our group, which you can validate with a 1 cent credit card charge, social security number lookup, phone call, or have a postcard sent to your address.  This way you know you are only communicating with your neighborhood. 


To help get you started, we’ve created an FAQ specifically for Hunters Green residents. 




Do I have to join Nextdoor to receive neighborhood updates from the Board?


No. is completely optional and will not be used for official cluster business.  The Board communicates directly with residents via flyers and community-email notifications. is where you can connect directly with your neighbors for things like a babysitter recommendation, joining a neighborhood walking club, or share something with your community.  


Where can I find more about how Nextdoor works?


We won’t duplicate their work, so please see Nextdoor’s FAQ for information about the service in general.



Why would I sign up for


People are using Nextdoor to:


Quickly get the word out about a break-in

Organize a Neighborhood Watch Group

Track down a trustworthy babysitter

Find out who does the best paint job in town

Ask for help keeping an eye out for a lost dog

Find a new home for an outgrown bike

Finally, call that nice man down the street by his first name


How I do join the community?


You can join our private neighborhood here:

The Communications Committee has created Account Setup Guide to help HGCA residents get started. Download the Account Setup Guide here.



Ok, I have an account.  How do I adjust my settings?


Residents who have used the site can tune their account settings to meet their needs.  Once you join the site, by default you will see communications from Hunters Green as well as our surrounding neighborhoods.  To change these settings, first, log into the site.  Click on your name at the top right corner, and choose “Settings”.  On the main Settings page, you can customize the type of email notifications you receive and how often you get these notifications.


How do I turn off other neighborhoods?


To specify which neighborhoods you want to see, click on the “Nearby Neighborhoods” link.



Can I use this on my iPhone or Android?


Yes!  Nextdoor has apps for both iPhone and Android. 


How do I post only to Hunters Green?


On the main page, you can create a new post by clicking into the “Post a message, event or urgent alert to neighbors” area.  The page will expand to give you options of who you’d like to share the post with.  To post only within Hunters Green, select the associated button.  Add a subject and a message.  You can then select a category that best fits your message. 


Finally, if you want to share a photo or document, you can use the small camera button in the bottom left corner.  



How is monitored to make sure things stay neighborly?


This link describes how you can flag posts that you find offensive for possible removal from our site.


Where can I read more about



Need some help? 

For questions specific to Hunters Green Cluster, email the Communications Committee. (


For technical questions regarding the site (password resets; error messages, etc), please contact directly here:

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