Hunters Green Cluster Association is the "cluster level" homeowners association for the group of 118 townhouses comprising Hunters Green Cluster within the planned community of Reston, Virginia.  Twenty-eight of the residences are located on Hunters Green Court, with the remaining 90 located on Indian Ridge Road.



These two sections are separated by common ground property belonging to the parent homeowners association, the Reston Association (RA), as well as the Reston National Golf Course, but are connected by a paved Reston Association pathway.  The two sections are less than a quarter-mile apart by road travel (see map below).  Quoting from Article VII, Section 1(b) of the Reston Deed of Dedication, "The purposes of a Cluster Association are to own, manage, maintain, improve and beautify Cluster Common Area, to promote the peace, health, comfort, safety and general welfare of the Owners and Occupants of the Cluster, and to collect and disburse the Assessments and charges authorized by this Article". RA has produced a Cluster Handbook which contains some information on the operation of Cluster Associations and Boards.

Where is Reston?

Reston lies within the greater metropolitan area of Washington, D.C. Reston is 21 miles west of Washington and 6 miles east of Dulles International Airport. Reston is part of Fairfax County, Virginia.


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Current members of the HGCA Board:

Karen Lindquist, Board President
Charles Colby, Vice-President and Treasurer
Brigham Bowen, Secretary
Brendan Hamilton, Vice President
Peter Flanagan, Director 




Hunters Green Cluster Association
P.O. Box 601
Oakton, VA 22124


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           Karen Seymour, Accountant

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