Williams operates a high-pressure natural gas transmission pipeline known as the Transco pipeline through Hunters Green Cluster property. 

Important contact numbers:

  • Transco Emergency Gas Control: 800-440-8475
  • Williams Headquarters in Houston, TX :800-440-8475
  • Williams Regional Office in Ellicott City, MD: 410-465-0960

It is important to be aware of this pipeline and recognize any unauthorized activity or abnormal conditions. 


Caution: Working Near the Pipeline

If you plan to dig or perform any type of excavation near the pipeline, please dial 811 before digging.  811 will put you in touch with the state's One Call service, which will help protect you from unintentionally hitting any underground utility lines.  They will identify and clearly mark the location of the pipeline (and other underground lines) at no cost to you in the vicinity of the planned excavation work.


Locating Pipelines

You may have noticed the yellow Williams pipeline markers near roads, fences, and curbs.  Although these markers are used to alert the public to the presence of a pipeline, they do not represent the exact location of the pipeline.  If you wish to learn more, visit the National Pipeline Mapping System on the internet at


Leak Recognition & Response
Although rare, a pipeline leak or failure is a serious situation that can be dangerous.  it is important that you know how to quickly respond to a potential pipeline emergency.  Use your sense of smell, sight or sound to help identify potential natural gas pipeline hazards.

  • Smell - Strong petroleum scent or other pungent odor, a smell similar to rotten eggs

  • Sight - Dead or dying vegetation near the pipeline, dirt blowing in the air, fire coming from the ground

  • Sound - Hissing, blowing, or loud roaring sound

If you suspect a pipeline leak or failure, your personal safety should be your first concern.  Follow these steps:

  • Evacuate the area and try to prevent anyone from entering

  • Abandon any equipment being used in or near the area

  • Avoid introducing any sources of ignition to the area

  • Call 911 or contact local fire or law enforcement

  • Notify the pipeline company (Transco emergency gas control: 800-440-8475)

  • Do not attempt to extinguish a natural gas fire, and do not attempt to operate pipeline valves

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