The dues and fees that are assessed annually to all members underwrite the costs of providing various services to residents of the Cluster, or for maintaining the Common Grounds that belong to the Cluster for the benefit and use by residents.


Trash Collection and Recycling Service
Trash collection in the Cluster is done on Mondays and Thursdays.  The pickup of recyclables is on Mondays.  Yard debris is collected on Thursdays.  Service is suspended if the pickup day falls on certain holidays.  Follow the link above for additional details. 

The Association maintains the 12.6 acres of Common Ground property that belongs to it.  The largest portion of the Common Ground is landscaped with turf and various plants and trees.  The remainder of the Common Ground consists of forested natural areas.  Each homeowner is responsible for maintaining the grounds that lie within their house's lot lines.
The Association's property has a large number of trees that lie in both the landscaped and natural areas of the Common Ground.  The Association retains the services of a certified arborist to recommend work necessary to maintain and preserve these valuable resources.  Individual homeowners are responsible for maintaining trees that lie within their house's lot lines.
During the winter season, the Association retains the services of a snow removal contractor for clearing snow from the Cluster's roads and parking lots, and for spreading salt and sand when conditions warrant.  Individual homeowners are responsible for clearing snow from their walkways and the portion of the sidewalk that runs in front of their houses.
The Cluster's road and parking areas are lit at night by watch lights throughout the Cluster.
The Association "owns" its two roads, Indian Ridge Road and Hunters Green Court. It is responsible for the maintenance of their blacktop pavement, as well as for the concrete sidewalks and curbs that border the streets.  The Association also maintains the asphalt pathways that run through the Cluster.  Individual homeowners are responsible for maintaining the walkways and patios that lie within their lot lines.

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