As a result of the provisions contained within the Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code, the Fairfax County Code, the Fairfax County Fire Prevention Code, and the Fairfax County Public Facilities Manual, Hunters Green Cluster must comply with these codes and the decisions of the Fire Marshall to designate fire lanes after being issued with a violation notice.


On Thursday November 8, 2012, the Fairfax County Fire Marshal performed a final inspection and approved our fire lanes and signage. Our fire lanes are therefore fully enforceable as of this date. Fire lanes are identified by yellow curbing, and there is one large sign erected at the entrance to both Hunters Green Court and Indian Ridge Road which states that no parking or standing is permitted in fire lanes at any time.


This Fire Codes FAQ document contains information on the applicability and implementation of fire codes within Hunters Green Cluster.

The Fairfax County Police Department non-emergency phone number is 703-691-2131.
As a reminder, the Fairfax County Fire Marshal has determined the fire lanes are required as parking in these locations would otherwise create an obstruction for emergency vehicles. The Board is also required to notify Cluster residents of their available course of action should a fire lane violation cause them concern. The Fairfax County Police Department has advised that fire lane offenses should be reported to them via their non-emergency phone number, noted above, and maybe done so anonymously. Please avoid calling 911. The police have the authority to enter our Cluster and issue a ticket, and at their discretion, order towing of a vehicle after issuing a ticket. If a vehicle is towed, the same police non-emergency phone number should be called for vehicle retrieval instructions.
It is every resident's legal right to call the police at their discretion if they observe a fire lane violation. The Board will not be policing the common grounds for violations. The vehicle owner, whether a resident or visitor, assumes all risks should they choose to park in violation of the fire lanes. In addition to ticketing and towing, the vehicle owner may be subject to legal action should their offense result or contribute to injury by impeding emergency responders.  
Also, be aware that if the police are called by a resident they may perform a sweep of the entire street when they arrive and take appropriate action against all fire lane violations. Again, this is at police discretion.

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