Parking Forms


HGCA is now using website forms to maintain our HGCA Vehicle Database. Vehicle registration is mandatory.


The following forms are available. Please take the time to read the very important comments at the top of each form before attempting to complete it, and then take care to complete every required field accurately.



Register a Resident Vehicle   (register a resident vehicle)
Register a Visitor Vehicle   (register a visitor vehicle temporarily) 
Delete a Resident Vehicle   (delete a resident vehicle you have disposed of)
Check Vehicles Registered   (check which resident vehicles are currently registered to your home)


A maximum of 3 resident vehicles per home may be registered at any point in time. It is the responsibility of all residents, both owners, and tenants, to know and adhere to all By-laws, resolutions, and policies related to our Cluster.   Residents are additionally responsible for their visitor's compliance. 


Rest assured the HGCA Vehicle Database uses secure technologies and can’t be accessed or viewed by the public. If the above forms do not serve your need, or if you have any questions on any parking-related matter, please send an email to

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