Roads and Sidewalks


Hunters Green Cluster's two roads - Indian Ridge Road and Hunters Green Court - are "private" roads, meaning that they are owned by the Cluster. The Commonwealth of Virginia does not consider them to be part of the state's secondary road system for maintenance purposes. Therefore, any necessary maintenance of the pavement becomes the responsibility of the Association.

As a matter of policy and practice, the Association builds and maintains a Capital Reserve Fund to plan for the extraordinary expenditures necessary to underwrite the maintenance and repair of sidewalks and curbs, and for maintenance, repair, and repaving of the Cluster’s private roads. These tasks are scheduled years in advance, and the Association inspects and performs preventive maintenance annually to retard deterioration and further the longevity of the pavement.

The asphalt road surface is a "fluid" material, albeit a highly viscous one. Over a period of time, however, spills of oil, antifreeze, or gasoline will dissolve the surface and cause it to fail. For this reason, Article XI of the Bylaws of the Association requires residents and visitors to properly maintain their vehicles to ensure that they don't drip oil, antifreeze, or gasoline. Vehicles violating this provision can be towed or otherwise removed from the Cluster by the Board of Directors.

Sidewalks, curbs, gutters, and other concrete structures are also subject to damage from deicing compounds. Deicing salts, such as calcium or sodium chloride, ammonium sulfate, or ammonium nitrate, can cause scaling or spalling of concrete surfaces such as the sidewalks. Homeowners are asked to refrain from using salts on the sidewalks, opting instead for sand or kitty litter to gain traction during snowy weather.

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