Hunters Green uses a system of reserved parking in the Cluster's parking areas. The parking areas have curb markings that collectively define a total of 250 parking spaces. Of this set, 118 spaces are reserved, one per residence, for the exclusive use by occupants of the residence. These reserved spaces are marked on the vertical face of the curb as "RESERVED nnn" where "nnn" is a serial number running from 1 to 118. The remaining 132 spaces have no markings and are unreserved and open for use by any resident or visitor.

The rules and regulations governing parking are codified in the By-laws and Resolutions. Registration, for both resident and visitor vehciles, is now mandatory. In order to be in full compliance with these governing documents a resident or visitor vehicle must be both registered and then also display the permit issued in an approved location. The Board urges all residents to register their vehicles if they have not already done so in order for them to be recognized. Registration is of course subject to the conditions as documented in the By-laws and Resolutions. Go to the Parking Forms page where you will find all the necessary forms.

Very high level summary of registration/permit requirements is as follows. Please see the parking related resolutions for more detail, the Parking Forms page to register and the Parking Permits page for information such as where to place permits depending on type.

 Type of User Type of Pass Display Location Comments
 Resident Resident (static cling) Windshield or rear window Use "Register a Resident Vehicle" form, maximum 3 registrations per home at any point in time
 Visitor (4 or more nights) Visitor (hanging tag) Hang from rear view mirror or place on dashboard Use "Register a Visitor Vehicle" form, required for 4 or more nights on Cluster property, 14 nights maximum
 Visitor (3 nights or less) N/A (falls within grace period) N/A Grace period is meant for genuine infrequent overnight visitors, does not apply to vehicles regularly seen on Cluster property overnight

Some typical questions about reserved parking and the rules and regulations are answered in the Parking FAQ's.

Certain types of vehicles are prohibited from parking in the Cluster. These are identified and described in Article XI of the By-laws of the Hunters Green Cluster Association.

If your reserved space's marking is becoming illegible you can send a request to the Board to have it repainted, using the email address below. However, before requesting a repainting, please remove all surface dirt by washing the face of the curb using a garden hose and soft bristle brush. It's quite possible that once the curb face is cleaned, the markings will again be legible without the need for repainting.

Please send your parking questions or comments to