Cluster Standards

Houses in Hunters Green Cluster are subject to residential property covenants, use of property guidelines, as well as design guidelines established by the Reston Association.

Before homeowners can make any alteration to their house's exterior (including its color) or their yard, they  must obtain permission and approval of plans from the Reston Association's Design Review Board.

There is also a general Cluster Handbook available.  

In August 2005, the Board of Directors distributed a memorandum to the Association's membership regarding Reston Association covenants and the requirements that homeowners must comply with.

In the following sections are information (or links to it) regarding various Hunters Green Cluster Standards.

 Siding Standard

New siding standard options have been approved by Reston Association's Design Review Board (DRB).
  1. Louisiana Pacific (LP) Smartside Precision Series 76 Panel Siding with 4" on-center grooves
  2. Milled plywood siding panel that identically matches the original siding

The following stipulations apply:

  1. Any replacement siding be stained/painted in conformance with the DRB approved color palette for Hunters Green Cluster.
  2. All siding on a single elevation (side) be replaced at the same time with the approved material.
  3. Those properties previously approved by the DRB to use T1-11 replacement siding may be allowed to continue using that material until replacement is necessary.
LP Smartside and milled siding can be obtained from area lumber yards.

House Colors

Townhouses in Hunters Green Cluster can be painted only with colors from the color palette that has been approved by the Reston Association's Design Review Board (DRB). Click on the button in the left margin to see full details about the official HGCA Color Palette.

Front Door Light

A new front door light (pictured at the right) has been approved by the Reston Association as the standard fixture, replacing the original standard fixture (with glass globe), which is no longer available.  The new fixture is manufactured by Progress Lighting and can be ordered directly from the company

You can pick from three approved finishes:

Bronze            P5674-20
Black              P5674-31
Metallic Gray   P5674-82

Alternatively, you can purchase the fixture locally from Rexel Electrical Co., 14110-H Sullyfield Circle, Chantilly, VA  (703-378-5900)

House Number Plates

Replacement house number plates are available from Webb Signs, 10612 Warwick Ave., Fairfax, VA (phone 703-591-6169 or 703-273-8973). 

Specifications are:
Dimensions: 5" by 5" with .040" thickness
Color: Sapphire Blue (3M) with white numbers and border
Holes: Two, to match sample

It is recommended that you click on the graphic to produce an larger size sample, then print it out and take it with you to illustrate what you want. The cost of the plate was approximately $20 back in 1995 when the replacement plate was first approved.

Roofing Shingles

A replacement roof shingle standard was approved by the Reston DRB in 1992.

CertainTeed™ Fiberglass Roof Shingle, Color: "Cedar Brown"

It is available in two types: CertainTeed 20 (20-year life), and CertainTeed XT 25 (25 year life). Local suppliers include Washington Roofing (703-823-8100) and Roof Center (703-631-3322). Generally, any roofing contractor you might hire will be able to acquire the shingles for you at a contractor's discount.


New Fence Standards are Under Construction. :-)

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