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Street Lighting

Lighting of the Cluster's roads and parking areas at night is provided by a set of 37 low-illumination (3300 lumens) watch lights. The lights are the property of Dominion Virginia Power Company. For each light, the Association pays a flat monthly utility rate that includes maintenance of the light standard and the electricity to operate it. The lights are controlled by light sensors that turn them on at twilight in the evening and off at daybreak.

To report a non-working "
watch light," contact Dominion Virginia Power (1-866-366-4357) and select the menu option for "street light outage." Watch lights are on private property while street lights are provided by the municipality.  Please provide the HGCA account number which is "6904275002."  Also give the attendant the pole number (on a metal plate half way up the pole) and the street address of the closest house.  The pole number indicates whether the light is a watch light or a street light.

Repair Times:

It is very common for repair times to vary depending on the cause of the outage (bulb, photo cell, or underground cable failure, etc.).  If the repair is a simple bulb or photo cell replacement, the watch light may be repaired within just a few days, based on work scheduling.  When an underground cable repair is involved for watch lights, this type of repair may take up to 45 days.  Dominion does not give preference or priority to street lights or watch lights.