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Parking Resolutions

The "Procedures and Rules for Parking, Vehicle Registration and Parking Permits", which is Policy Resolution 13-1, is now fully adopted and enforceable as of April 1, 2013 and additionally verified from a legal perspective. This resolution completely supersedes Policy Resolution 12-3 which was adopted in 2012.

The premise is that we only have a finite amount of parking and it therefore needs to be managed.

A maximum of 3 resident vehicles per home may be registered at any point in time.

Vehicle registration is mandatory and serves 3 very important purposes:

  1. It highlights vehicles that may be illegally parked in our cluster, creating or contributing to parking problems for Cluster residents
  2. It allows the Board to measure current parking volume and changes over time to aid in future decision making
  3. It ensures vehicle owners can be contacted in the event of an emergency involving their vehicle(s)
Registration requests must comply with all HGCA By-laws, parking resolutions and policies in order to be successful and eligible to receive a parking permit. It is the responsibility of all residents, both owners and tenants, to know and adhere to all By-laws, resolutions and policies related to our Cluster. Residents are additionally responsible for their visitor's compliance.

There is also the "Procedures and Rules to Implement Reserved Parking in Hunters Green Cluster" resolution which was adopted August 14, 2001. This is the resolution that assigns 1 reserved parking space to each home, leaving the remaining 132 parking spaces to be utilized on a first come first served basis for both residents and visitors.


Both of these parking related resolutions, as well as our By-laws, can be found within the Governing Documents section of our Resource Center.