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Parking Permits

Registration requests must comply with all HGCA By-laws, parking resolutions and policies in order to be successful and eligible to receive a parking permit. The By-laws and resolutions can be found in the Resource Center section of this website. Residents are additionally responsible for their visitor's compliance.

Compliance with these governing documents is only complete when the permit is displayed on the vehicle. Simply completing the registration forms is not sufficient.

A resident permit must be affixed in one of the two following locations on your vehicle in order to comply with Virginia Administrative Code and pass safety inspections.

1.      Placed on the windshield, in the blind spot behind the rear view mirror, OR

2.      Totally contained within the lower five inches of the glass in the rear window

Visitor permits must be hung from the rear-view mirror and must be clearly visible and legible to someone standing at the front of the vehicle.

Please read the information below before affixing a resident permit. If you are having a genuine problem with a permit you must hand in the problematic one to a member of the Board before being eligible to receive a replacement. Do not throw them away as they are the property of the Board.

There are a few things to be aware of that make a big difference when applying the resident permits. When you peel off the permit from the backing the side to be placed on the glass will not feel sticky at all. We can appreciative this may come across as counter-intuitive to many but that is the nature of static cling permits. Additionally, the mere act of placing the permit up against the glass will not make it stick either. You need to press and “rub” the permit against the glass as if to press out all the bubbles, which needs to be done anyway. It’s also important to make sure the glass is clean and you avoid touching (as much as possible) the side being placed on the glass as that greatly affects the chances of it adhering well.

Please also note that at this time a permit, whether a resident or visitor type, does not guarantee the availability of a parking space in our Cluster. It grants authority to park in our Cluster should a valid and designated parking space exist.