Special Meeting on Community Watch Lighting and Standards - Fenches and Roofing

posted Sep 21, 2019, 7:29 AM by Yanni Chryssomitis
The Hunters Green Cluster Association Board is calling a special meeting to be held at the main playground on Indian Ridge Road at 11am on Saturday, September 28th.  The agenda is shown below, with some additional context preceding: 

Community Watch Lights in Hunters Green Cluster

The lighting committee has worked EXTREMELY hard this year and has made a final recommendation to the board regarding changing the watch lights that illuminate the roads, sidewalks, playground areas and other common areas around the community.  In the interest of safety and with our shortening days as we head into winter, the Board would like to move forward with a decision on this matter as soon as possible so that the project may get started.  Please note that this project IS already funded via our capital reserve budget and there will be no additional fees assessed to the community for this project.

Standards - Architectural Shingles

The Board has been discussing the addition of an architectural shingle to our roofing standard for a number of meetings over the past year, as it provides a benefit of much longer life to the homeowner.  In the last meeting, we discussed that there are actually two colors for an architectural shingle which are suitable and consistent with our architectural design and color palette.  We have obtained a couple larger samples of those shingles "on borrow" for a limited time and we would like to use an outdoor daylight setting to share those colors with the community.  A sample of our existing shingle will also be available for contrast. If we can triangulate to a consensus during this discussion, we would like to proceed with a vote.  

Standards - Fence Heights in Hunters Green Cluster

The Board has observed that the majority of fence heights across the Cluster are not consistent with the Hunters Green Cluster standard of 5', but rather with the Reston Asssociation standard of "an average of 6'".  The actual language is here:

"Except where the cluster standard dictates otherwise, solid or semisolid fencing should have an average height of 6 feet and may vary from 5 feet 6 inches to 6 feet 6 inches to allow for stepping on sloped conditions."  

An outdoor setting for the meeting will be ideal to see some examples of the observations the Board has made and get community feedback on the discussion.  Please note that there will NOT be a vote on fence heights at this meeting.

Agenda for Special Meeting

DISCUSSION and VOTE: Lighting Committee Reccomendaton for Watch Lights

DISCUSSION and VOTE: Architectural Shingles Standard

DISCUSSION: Fence Height Standard

Date and Time: Saturday, September 28th at 11am

Location: Main Playground on Indian Ridge Road