Hunters Green Annual Meeting - Dec. 6, 2016 7:30 pm

posted Nov 27, 2016, 7:52 AM by HGCA Secretary

Meeting Agenda, Board Vacancy Information, Proposed 2017 Budget

December 6, 2016 8:00pm - Hunters Woods Rec Center Rooms 1-2-3 (Doors open at 7:30pm)

To be eligible to vote in the Annual Election, you must be a Member in good standing (i.e. all dues are current).  If you have any concerns about your voting eligibility, please contact the Board as soon as possible at to resolve any issues prior to the Annual Meeting. 


2016 Annual Meeting Agenda

1.      Call to Order and Review of Agenda

2.      Reading and Approval of Minutes of 2015 Annual Meeting

3.      President’s Report

4.      Treasurer’s Report and Review of Proposed 2017 Budget

5.      Vote on 2017 Budget

6.      Vote on Fairfax County Land Dedication & Easement

7.      Election of Board Members

8.      Member Comment Period

9.      Executive Session

10.  Adjournment


Board Members Wanted!

Hunters Green Cluster is run by an elected board of five members and has a single opening for a three-year term, starting in 2017.  The board actively manages the community, including grounds maintenance, snow removal, infrastructure, trash removal, communication, and covenant enforcement.  Unlike many communities, we do not rely on the services of a professional management company to oversee the day to day operations.  We rely solely on the work of the board and volunteers.  All the current board members have full-time jobs or businesses, but make the time to help our community.  Do you have a desire to make Hunters Green Cluster an attractive place to live?  Are you interested in learning about or contributing knowledge about landscaping, finance, engineering, law, or communications?  Would you like to get to meet more neighbors and work with a great team that makes a difference?  If the answer is “yes” to any of these questions, then please consider running for the empty board seat at the annual meeting! 

If interested, please send a brief bio to prior to the meeting or nominate yourself from the floor at the meeting.

Annual Operating Budget

The proposed standard operating budget for 2017 is included for your review.  The budget is for standard expenditures in the community like trash disposal, landscaping, snow removal, legal, accounting, insurance, etc.  Note that there will be NO increase in cluster dues for 2017

President’s Report

2016 was an exciting year for Hunter’s Green Cluster and the surrounding neighborhoods in our immediate vicinity.  Since the opening of the Silver line and the Metro stop at Wiehle Avenue, we have seen the beginning of construction of the Reston Heights project and the demolition of the American Press Institute in preparation for the development of a new townhome community.  We have also witnessed a number of inquiries and formal proposals related to changes in land use along the Sunrise Valley corridor.  Last, it appears that the question surrounding the zoning of Reston National Golf Course has been settled, with the RNGC ownership declining an appeal process to the Virginia Supreme Court.  While the RNGC ownership can apply for amending the Master Plan (a very lengthy and involved process), it appears that at least for now, the golf course will remain open land.  The Hunters Green Cluster Board will continue to keep their eye on these many developments and keep the community informed with the goal of representing the financial and other interests of our association.

I would like to thank the other members of the Board – Bruce Ware, Pat Nichols, Charles Colby and Hadi Damavandy - for their service, focus and dedication to the community.  In light of many competing projects and work to be done, all of the members of the Board have been generous in their time and helpful in making sure that we all stayed on task.  The highlights of the accomplishments this year include:

·         The completion of many landscaping projects,

·         A renegotiation and new right of way agreement with Williams Pipeline,

·         A negotiation with Fairfax County for a proposed land dedication, which resulted in a six-fold increase in their original offer, and

·         The completion of the first phase of our playground refresh with the new playground on Indian Ridge Road. 

While we are proud of these accomplishments, there is much to do and this year has mostly been a setup year which will help pave the way for many important projects to be completed in 2017, including:

·         The asphalt, curb and gutter refresh project with the anticipation of bidding to be done by Spring of 2017 and work to be completed in Summer of 2017,

·         The second and final phase of the playground refresh to exhaust the assessment funding on which the Cluster affirmatively voted in last year’s Annual Meeting,

·         The refresh of our community street watch lights, and

·         The refresh of our capital reserve study, which will project how capital projects will need to be funded and to provide guidance on how dues from the community will be affected.

/s/ Yanni Chryssomitis, President

Treasurer’s Report

In 2016, our income from dues, interest and fees, after deducting discounts for prepaid dues, is projected to be $186,372, close to our budget of $185,370.  Expenses are projected to be $144,376, close to our budget of $144,180, which leaves a net income of $41,966.  Of this net income, $39,500 will be applied to reserves that are needed for long-term improvements.  The reserve allocation is based on recommendations in the 2012 reserve study.


Where did our dues go?  Our landscape contract with Blade Runners will have accounted for $43,750 (30%), our waste removal contract with CSI accounted will have accounted for $21,643 (15%), tree care is expected to account for $21,000 (15%), and snow removal will have accounted for approximately $13,000 (9%).  Another portion of expenses went to improvements in our grounds, and included upgrading the upper Indian Ridge plaza and island, additional screen plantings on Hunters Green Court, and revamping the entrance for Hunters Green Court.  Other expenses include our bookkeeper, legal fees and miscellaneous projects. 


This year, we renegotiated a five-year extension of the CSI contract with a 3% annual increase, and a one-year extension of the landscaping contract with Blade Runners at the same price as previous years, plus an addendum for additional mulching.  We also renewed our snow removal contract with McLean Landscaping for the same terms as 2016. 


The proposed 2017 budget keeps dues at the same level as 2016, $1,600 per year with a 5% discount for homeowners who pay the entire year in advance.  Per the reserve study in 2012, we need to contribute $40,685 to reserves in 2017.  Most expense items are about the same as 2016, or include a modest increase to account for inflation.  As in 2016, the budget has some slack to pay for substantial projects.   One that we need to address in 2017 will be to control some serious erosion issues on Indian Ridge Road. 


The balance sheet as of October 31, 2016 showed cash assets of $366,985.22.  In actuality, we have started the year with $230,905 in reserves.  As of the end of 2017, reserves will be $291,233.  This includes an allocation of $39,500 in reserves per the 2016 budget, and an additional $20,828 in unused funds from a special assessment collected for the playground (discussed below).


For 2017, a major expenditure will be the paving project, which will consume most of the reserves.  Another activity for 2017 will be to conduct a reserve study, which is required by law to be conducted every 5 years.  We already have a bid from the same company that conducted the reserve study in 2012, Mason and Mason, for $2,000.


A major expenditure in 2016 was the installation of a new playground on the pipeline area of Indian Ridge Road.  This was funded with a special assessment of $690 per household, or a total of $81,420.  The funds expended to date on the project are $60,592, leaving $20,828 in unspent funds.  The amount spent is lower than the assessment for two reasons:  first, we obtained a better price from a new vendor; second, we did not fully act on all the recommendations of the playground committee.  We held a public meeting on the future playground plans on November 14, and determined that the priorities for use of remaining funds would be to allocate approximately $9,000 to add picnic tables and replacement benches at the site of the new playground, benches at the grassy knoll at Hunters Green Court (approximately $4,000), a basketball play item at Hunters Green Court (approximately $6,000), and/or a picnic table at one of the tot lots at Hunters Green Court (approximately $5,000).  Obviously, we will need to set priorities or draw from other funds to accomplish all of these plans which sum to approximately $24,000.


Fairfax County Land Dedication and Easement

Our cluster was approached by Fairfax County earlier this year to dedicate 39 square feet of Cluster common property to extend the existing Soapstone Drive sidewalk and to create a bus stop pad at the southwest corner of Sunrise Valley Drive and Soapstone Drive.  In addition, the County is also requesting a temporary easement to facilitate the construction. 

The County’s initial offer was for $300.00 as compensation for the 39 square feet of land and temporary easement.  The board has since secured a much more equitable offer with the community’s interest in mind.  First, the initial $300 offer has been increased to $1,800.00.  Additionally, we have received a revised site plan indicating that regardless of the existing easement, none of our plantings or landscaping will be disturbed (compared to a similar dedication request in 2011 which involved significant grading and disturbance of our landscaping).  Both the revised offer and site plan have been included for your reference.

We believe that this revised offer, combined with the revised site plan which assures that our existing landscaping will not be disturbed, constitutes a fair offer.  Moreover, because this grassy area and bus stop gets substantial pedestrian traffic as-is, we believe that the construction of a sidewalk and concrete bus pad will be a benefit to the community.

Our bylaws require an affirmative vote by cluster members in order to make any changes to our common grounds.  The question of whether to dedicate the 39 square feet of land to the County for compensation of $1,800 will be put to a vote at the Annual Meeting.


The specific question that will be voted on for the Land Dedication is as follows:

Should the membership dedicate 39 square feet of commonly owned land and grant a temporary easement to Fairfax County for the purposes of extending a sidewalk and creating a bus pad in exchange for compensation of $1,800 and the assurance that existing landscaping on our common ground will not be disturbed?




If you have any questions, please contact us at    

Thank you, and see you at the Annual Meeting!