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Roofing Shingles


A replac
ement roof shingle standard was approved by the Reston DRB in 1992 and amended in 2020 to add architectural shingles in two colors. 
Residents replacing roof shingles may now choose from one of the following options:
CertainTeed20™ 3-tab roof shingle, color: "Cedar Brown" (20-year life) 
CertainTeed XT 25 roof shingle, Color "Cedar Brown" 
(25 year life). 
CertainTeed Landmark, architectural, color: Burnt Sienna 
CertainTeed Landmark, architectural, color: Heather Blend

CertainTeed offers a lifetime limited warranty on its Landmark series.

These shingles can be found at many local suppliers. Generally, any roofing contractor you might hire will be able to acquire the shingles for you at a contractor's discount.