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Cluster Standards


Homes in Hunters Green Cluster are subject to residential property covenants, use of property guidelines, as well as design guidelines established by Reston Association (RA). Cluster associations typically define design standards in keeping with the original architectural design of their community.  In addition, there are also property and maintenance guidelines as determined by RA which require homeowner compliance.

There is a Covenants FAQ page available on RA's website that provides answers to many questions regarding RA's covenants administration. RA’s Covenants Administration Department supports the Design Review Board (DRB) and the Covenants Committee and administers the protective covenants related to the use and maintenance of Reston property. The DRB handles design issues and the Covenants Committee handles maintenance issues.

In general, all owners should be familiar with the information available within the Property Owner Resources section of RA's website.

Fairfax County also has additional zoning regulations that may not be covered in RA guidelines that extend to private properties such as our own, and permits are required for some work to be performed. Owners must therefore be aware of Fairfax County regulations in addition to our own Cluster and RA guidelines. The Zoning Requirements FAQ's and guidelines on when a permit is required may be a useful start.   

Design Guidelines:

Hunters Green Cluster design standards are approved by RA's DRB.  If there is not a Cluster standard for a design item you must refer to RA's guidelines or contact the Covenants Advisor (see contact information below) before adding or replacing the item in question.  If you want to add or replace a design item that differs from the Cluster standard you must submit an application to the RA/DRB to have it considered.

Even if there is a Cluster standard you must submit an application to the RA/DRB to have any change to an exterior item approved. This is the case when simply replacing many items, such as windows. The Cluster standards in place at this time and noted on our website will indicate if you need to contact RA. If in doubt we strongly suggest you submit an application.

Of particular note for HGCA is RA's Design Guidelines for Cluster Housing.

HGCA's Board regularly reminds the Association's membership of covenants and the requirement to comply.

Maintenance Guidelines:

Following is an excerpt from RA's website on Property Use and Maintenance:

“While the Design Covenants primarily seek to preserve the architectural integrity of the whole community, the Use and Maintenance Covenants focus on the ongoing upkeep and specific use of properties within the community. The Use and Maintenance Covenants relate to the physical condition of property and certain uses made of it such as business in the home or vehicle parking.

The Use and Maintenance Covenants are included in the Reston Deed of Dedication and were developed, in part, to ensure that properties are kept in good repair, acceptable in appearance and substantially similar to their original condition. The Covenants require that the property, and any improvement or alteration, be kept in good condition so that it does not have a detrimental or adverse effect on other properties in the community. These considerations become even more important as Reston properties age and require more frequent maintenance. The Use and Maintenance Covenants provide both a reminder of property owners' responsibilities and a process through which the community can protect its physical well being.”

HGCA Board members will do a general walk-through of the cluster in May of each year, beginning in 2018, noting homes that appear to be out of compliance with RA Minimum Standards for Maintenance.

These homeowners will be sent a letter stating the compliance issues observed and asking the homeowner to make repairs within 90 days from receipt of letter.

At the end of 90 days, a second inspection will be made. If the homeowner has made no repairs, a second letter will be sent giving the homeowner 10 days to respond with evidence that repairs are forthcoming. A satisfactory response may result in the Board granting an additional 45 days for completion of repairs. No response or an unsatisfactory response will result in the Board filing an immediate formal complaint with the RA Design Board.

Please note homeowners can be cited by RA for design or property use and maintenance violations.

Reston Association Contact:

Matthew Pattashnick is the Covenants Advisor for Hunters Green Cluster: mpattashnick@reston.org.